IN MEMORANDUM: Wendy Hammack Hunter

This email from Jon Kidder was forwarded to me a few minutes ago by Caren Curry Cameron. I am truly saddened. Wendy was a HUGH part of our 1963 class, both when we attended SMHS, and long after as a very active member of our Alumni group. My condolences to both her and her family.

Dear Extended Friends,

We wanted you to know that Wendy Hammack Hunter passed away on Wednesday, May 24th at 8 pm. She died peacefully without pain and was surrounded by her family.

The service will be at 1 pm on Sunday, May 28th, and will be followed by a gravesite burial, and then a reception with light sandwiches all at the same location.

It will be an open casket funeral and people wishing to view her body prior to the service will be able to do so between noon and 1 pm. Individuals needing wheelchair assistance should bring their wheelchairs and others will be able to assist them.

The service will be held at:

Eternal Hills Memorial Park, Mortuary, and Crematory
1999 El Camino Real
Oceanside, California 92054-5754 US
(760) 754-6600

In lieu of flowers, Wendy wanted people to know that if they wanted to do something in her honor, they could make a contribution to the PEO organization she was dedicated to, which focuses on stewarding philanthropy to support women’s education and advancement. In particular, Wendy wanted to support Cottey College, which is affiliated with PEO. You can click here for more information.

Prior to the service on Sunday at 1 pm, we are recommending that people eat lunch because the reception with food will be around 3 pm.

Wendy very much wanted the service to be a celebration, and following the main portion of the service, there will be an opportunity for family members and friends to say a few words in honor of her extraordinarily life.

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Meryl White turns 100

Most of us in the SMHS class of ’63 attended Huntington School and had Meryl White as our music teacher in 7th and 8th grade. Ken White, now deceased, was our principal at Huntington and their son, Craig, was in our class. Anyway, Meryl White will be celebrating her 100th birthday in May. Meryl’s granddaughter asked me to see if the following request can be posted on and distributed to our classmates. I figured you would know how to make this happen. Posting follows:
Thanks for your help and let me know if there is a problem,
Ron Rider

Dear friends and past students of Meryl White,
Meryl will be celebrating her 100th birthday in May. We know she would love to hear from you, and enjoy stories from the “good ol’ days”!
If you are able, please send a card/note to Meryl in care of her granddaughter, Jen Cleven, to 12055 Seabeck Hwy NW, Seabeck WA 98380. If you wish to email (, Jen will print these and share them with Meryl at a celebratory gathering at her residence in May.
Thank you so much for helping to make this milestone a special one for Meryl!
Jen Cleven and family

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IN MEMORANDUM: Casandra Renzetti, Linda Miller Ellerbroek, and Charles Reinhart

It is regret that I report the recent passing of three classmates:

Casandra Renzetti  (married name unknown) and Linda Miller Ellerbroek in November. Unfortunately details are not known.

Charles Reinhart passed away on December 6th:

Hello, Wendy. My name is Malcolm Reinhardt (SMHS 1964) and Charles Reinhardt (SMHS 1964) was my brother. It is with a great sense of loss that I regret to inform you that Charles passed away on December 6. There will be a small private service for family members pursuant to Charles’ wishes. Knute Grani gave me you contact information as the person who would update the class records to reflect Charles’s passing. Please contact me by replying to this email if you require any additional information. Thank you and best wishes, Malcolm Reinhardt

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Mr Purga Recommends…

This story is too funny not to tell. And I realize how much grief it will bring upon myself.

This weekend in Seattle was stormy. Perfect time to do some deep cleaning in my office. I discovered a forgotten envelope where my Mom had saved my report cards- 1st grade through college. Two things became self-evident immediately: First, I have no idea how I ever got accepted into any college with my grades! And secondly, it became crystal clear why I did not graduate magna-cum-laude from college.

But my 6th grade report card, 1955-56, from Mr. Purga is classic. Note his comment about me in the first quarter- then his final thought in the fourth quarter.

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IN MEMORANDUM: Marcia Pierce Neville

Pam Bryan writes that Marcia Pierce Neville passed two days ago. 

Marcia’s memorial is on Sunday, August 7th. 

If you are planning on attending, please RSVP to me so that we can get an idea of head count. 

Please click on the link below for more information


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IN MEMORANDUM: Jerry Pollock Passes

Jerry passed away in late May in Newport as reported by Dick Fyke.

Jerry’s Memorial Service.

Thursday, June 16, 4 pm, Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church, 600 St. Andrews Rd., Newport Beach, 92663.  Ph. 949-631-2880.  They have a web site.

Celebration following at 5 pm., American Legion, 215 E. 15th St., Newport Beach, 92663.  They have a web site.

There will be an opportunity to make comments if you want.

Dana’s address is 312 Lugonia, Newport Beach, CA. 92660

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IN MEMORANDUM: English Teacher John Ryan

Our junior year English teacher, John Ryan, passed away on Sunday, January 17, 2016.  He died peacefully in his sleep.  Although his teaching career at SMHS was brief, he touched many of the lives of those in the SMHS class of 1963.

He is survived by his wife of 65 years – Rita, 5 children, many grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Info from Bob Hunt

NOTE: Some of you were sent this notification twice. My apologies- we have had some “bad-end” issues with our ISP (GoDaddy) that now have been resolved.

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SUNDAY, JAN 31: 2 to 6 PM- a Celebration of Andy Leaf’s Life

IMPORTANT: Time adjustment for Andy’s Leaf’s celebration

Celebration of Andy’s Life, SUNDAY, JAN 31   2:30- 5:30 PM – Please join us! Open to everyone           Neighborhood Congregational Church, 340 St. Anne’s Dr., Laguna Beach 92651

Additional information please contact: Shannon Cargo Ferguson at: shannon@shannonferguson.comJune 13, 1945-Dec. 21st, 2015

Andy passed away peacefully at home in Laguna Beach, surrounded by love, family & friends.

Celebration of Andy’s Life, SUNDAY, JAN 31   2 – 6 PM
Please join us! Open to everyone
Neighborhood Congregational Church, 340 St. Anne’s Dr., Laguna Beach 92651

Additional information please contact:

DONATIONS: You may contribute to Andy’s legacy by donating directly to SEED at this link. Any size donation is greatly appreciated.

A short video that Andy sent for the 2013 Reunion can be viewed by clicking here.

1963 Andy graduated from San Marino High School. Like the rest of us, he was full of hopes & dreams for his future. In 1964, Andy was in his 1st year of college when a body surfing accident rendered him a quadriplegic for life. For the next 51 years, Andy’s true warrior spirit spurred him on as he returned to college receiving a Bachelor’s degree from UC Irvine & a Master’s Degree with honors from Pepperdine in 1980. But that was just the beginning of Andy’s new journey. Andy became one of California’s 1St quadriplegic drivers in a specialty built van. He was an excellent driver, as I witnessed 1st hand, when he drove me to a board meeting for SEED in the late 90’s.

1993: Andy’s true passion in life was helping the disabled. He formed the non-profit organization SEED which was all about educating the disabled community and providing each person with solid business tools. These skills allowed disabled people to work from home by becoming entrepreneurs. The many special people that Andy was able to reach were given a sense of value, renewed self-esteem & a way to supplement their very meager disability income. Andy represented hope, encouragement, friendship & compassion to so many people. Right up until the end, Andy continued as the CEO & guiding light of this organization. Andy would have wanted us to thank all you who so generously contributed to SEED over the years. He was forever grateful to each of you who helped him make a difference.

2001: Andy received a Presidential Citation.

2013: 50th reunion for Andy’s 1963 graduating class of San Marino High School. This reunion was dedicated to Andy & he was honored as “Our Hometown Hero”.

2015: Andy had many, many friends & was highly respected for his courage & his drive to make a difference in other people’s lives. We celebrated his 70th birthday in June & lots of Andy’s longtime friends attended the party at his house. We enjoyed music, great food & entertainment that was arranged by his caregivers. He was up in his wheelchair & enjoyed every minute.

This last September, Andy received a Proclamation from the City of Laguna Beach, for his work with the disabled, which was a wonderful salute to who Andy was. It was a thrilling evening for him. A group of about 10-12 of Andy’s friends showed up to cheer him on!

I saw Andy for the last time, when his brother Bob was at the house, a few days before he passed away. He was still trying to seek medical help to keep him going just a little bit longer. Andy had such a passion for life, plus an iron will commitment to serve others. Andy has left an inspiring legacy & we will truly miss him! From Andy: “Life is full of challenges, what is important, is how you handle what life has presented you!”

Andy is survived by his brother Bob, his sister Yolanda, as well as numerous nieces & nephew.

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Those attending our 40th anniversary class reunion in the summer of 2003 were fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit with Jeff Lewis, who made the trip down from his home in Seattle for the occasion. One of my closest friends from San Marino days, he topped the list of people I most wanted to see there, as we now lived half a continent apart and had not met face to face in many years. It was a joy to find him the same warm and engaging guy I had known so well back in the early 1960s. How could either of us have guessed, as we reminisced and shared stories of our families and careers, that before too long he would be diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer?

I met Jeff again, over brunch in Seattle, during the Christmas holidays of 2012. By then, he had disclosed his condition to me and shared his mixed feelings about undergoing chemotherapy. As it turned out, he would have another 2 ½ years to live. Rather than bemoaning his situation, he stressed his gratitude at feeling as well as he still did then, and his talk was all about the good things in his life: his wife Tris, their three grown sons, and three grandchildren, all of whom lived not far from his home and were, of course, his pride and joy.

Ultimately, Jeff passed away on June 2, 2015. However, knowing his fate so far in advance, he had time to make arrangements for how the event would be experienced by his family and friends. It was typical of Jeff that he focused on this rather than on his own suffering and its inevitable conclusion. He and Tris had built their “dream cabin” along the waterfront near the town of Chelan in eastern Washington, and this became the favored site of outdoor fun with family and friends enjoying boating, skiing, sunning, grillin’, and camping outdoors. Jeff and Tris enjoyed two good summers there, and he was even able to make a final visit just a few months before the end.

He had arranged for there to be a “celebration of life” at this venue just weeks after his death, an occasion on which, in Tris’ words, “we had a wonderful day of remembrances with many fine, inspirational and sometimes funny tales of Jeff’s life. Over 200 people came, and only a few were family. He touched, taught, inspired and encouraged many people both in his career with the City of Seattle and with the years of work within AA.” In August, she continues, “per Jeff’s wishes, about 50 family members held a 3 day camping and water fun weekend to disburse his ashes at the cabin . . . he so loved. Jeff would have been thrilled to see the property being used as he envisioned—as a great family playground.”

Gifted athlete, loyal friend, unfailingly humble guy notwithstanding all his many accomplishments, solid family man and community leader, inspiration to all who knew him—Jeff will be warmly remembered and dearly missed.

—Ron Walker

SMHS Class of ‘63

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[Andy’s proclamation from the City of  Laguna Beach. He just received this in September.]


I just spoke with Bob Leaf who told me of the passing of his brother, Andy Leaf. He passed away this afternoon at 2:30 of kidney failure. Bob said Andy died very peacefully with his nephew, sister-in-law, and caretaker by his side. A celebration of Andy’s life is tentatively scheduled for some time in the new year.

We have truly lost our home town hero, a man with a warrior spirit and a will to graciously deal with what life dealt him.

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