Checks, Photos, and more

If you have not submitted your biography, SMHS memories, or photo, there is still time. Seeweb page for details.

Checks: If you are going to attend the Reunion in Newport, then you will need to send Pam Bryan a check for either one or two events: $100 per person for the Saturday night party at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club and/or $30 per person for the Sunday Brunch at Dick and Cubby Fyke’s home. Additionally, you will need to send Pam $30 if you wish to receive a Memory Book (biographies, SMHS memories, Vietnam memories, photos). One check is fine but please itemize on the check what you are paying for.

Pam Bryan
439 South Madison Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101-3332

Photos: We would like to clarify our need for photos. The Memory book will include your Senior picture as well as ONE wallet size photo. We need to limit each classmate to one page in the book and only these two photos will easily fit per page.
If you would like to submit additional photos, they will be placed in a separate section and we are asking for donations to help defray the cost of producing the book. We highly encourage, and many classmates are participating, submitting current photos with children, grandkids, etc. as well as old pictures with classmates.
Requested donations are: quarter page for $25.00 for business card size, $50.00 for a half page (old pix of friends would be great here), or a full page for $100.
Finally, many classmates have submitted Bios and Memories without a current photo. There is still time to submit a current photo via email. Please do so if you have not previously submitted.

Vietnam Memories: Thanks to those who have submitted Vietnam memories. Anyone else who would like to share is encouraged to submit his/her memory to be included in the Vietnam Memories section.

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