Andy Leaf has submitted our first classmate posting. From the opening
paragraph of Andy’s biography (to be published in the upcoming Memory Book):

After graduating from SMHS I attended USC in the fall of 1963. During my first
year there, things changed dramatically for me. On St. Patrick’s Day 1964 I
decided to cut my biology class to spend a beautiful spring day at the beach.
Instead of learning at school, I learned an important life lesson – It only
takes one second to change one’s life. Being too much in a hurry I ran and dove
into a wave and unexpectedly hit a sandbar and broke my neck. The neck injury
injured my spinal cord to the extent that I became a quadriplegic at age 19.
I decided to use my personal experiences with a disability .. to start up a
nonprofit organization to help others like myself who wanted to be more
self-sufficient through self-employment.

Andy writes, “Although I could not attend our 50th in person, Skyping with many of you at Sunday’s Brunch at the Fyke’s home was a great experience. It was great seeing and talking with those who were there.  I heard everybody had a great time.  My best to everyone, and I would love to hear from you.” Please leave a Comment on thbis web page- or contact Andy directly: andyleaf@cox.net

Take care,

Click on the photo below to play Andy’s 7 minute video on his SMHS memories.


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9 Responses to TITAN SHOUTOUT: Andy Leaf Video

  1. David Lucarelli says:

    Andy what great individual who always is very positive to be around. This was so touching to watch. God Bless you Andy.

  2. Richard Eager says:

    Andy, You raised the bar for the Memory Book. I’ll always remember our time together on the SMHS swimming team. You’ve accomplished a lot and I wish you all the best.

  3. Joan Salisbury Bolton says:

    Andy, what an amazing video!
    I also was sorry to miss our 50th (even though I didn’t attend the high school)
    You are a true inspiration to us all
    Jim and I send our love and will see you when we return from Idaho in the fall
    Fondly, Joanie

    • Andy Leaf says:

      thanks Joan, you and Jim have been great supporters over the years and I really appreciate it. Talk with you when you get back. Take care and keep in touch.

  4. roger woodbury says:

    Andy, I didn’t know you well(I think we were both in Boy Scouts together), however I totally admire your toughness in coping as well as you have with this luck of the draw that life dealt you with. How many times in our lives could this type of thing have happened to any of us? I seriously doubt if I could have done as well as you seem to have done. I wish you the best,

  5. David Minning says:

    Hi Andy, I too was in troop 353 and I remember all the games of Ditch-em at lacy park around the scout house. I remember many days in your back yard yaking and scratching. I try to remember what we were doing but I find its not the “what” but the “feel” that is important. On Sunday, there was a very large crowd gathered around with all of us trying to get a word in with you. I don’t think I was successful, but i was there, humbled and awed to be in your world. I am and can be a better person with your presence.

    Thanks for the Memories—

    Dave Minning

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