Andy Leaf has submitted our first classmate posting. From the opening
paragraph of Andy’s biography (to be published in the upcoming Memory Book):

After graduating from SMHS I attended USC in the fall of 1963. During my first
year there, things changed dramatically for me. On St. Patrick’s Day 1964 I
decided to cut my biology class to spend a beautiful spring day at the beach.
Instead of learning at school, I learned an important life lesson – It only
takes one second to change one’s life. Being too much in a hurry I ran and dove
into a wave and unexpectedly hit a sandbar and broke my neck. The neck injury
injured my spinal cord to the extent that I became a quadriplegic at age 19.
I decided to use my personal experiences with a disability .. to start up a
nonprofit organization to help others like myself who wanted to be more
self-sufficient through self-employment.

Andy writes, “Although I could not attend our 50th in person, Skyping with many of you at Sunday’s Brunch at the Fyke’s home was a great experience. It was great seeing and talking with those who were there.  I heard everybody had a great time.  My best to everyone, and I would love to hear from you.” Please leave a Comment on thbis web page- or contact Andy directly: andyleaf@cox.net

Take care,

Click on the photo below to play Andy’s 7 minute video on his SMHS memories.


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