50th Reunion Dinner Photos Available to View/Purchase

Photos taken by Jeff Wagner at the Saturday night dinner at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club are now available both for free viewing– and/or for purchase. Prices are very reasonable: 4×6 $1.75, 5×7 $3.75, 8×10 $7.00- plus small shipping.

Couple of notes: Initially, it may take awhile for all photos to appear. Please just wait quite awhile (screen may look frozen- it is not- just wait!) until it uploads.

I have found the fastest way to view photos is to slide the “display bar” (which is right above the thumbnail pictures) to the right, you can enlarge all of the thumbnails for viewing. Very easy to see all of the pictures that way rather than one at a time.  By default the screen is set to display only 20 photos per page. You can either use arrow to advance to next page for 20 more- or, as I did, select to display ALL.

For those of you who were unable to attend the Saturday party and are viewing these pictures, Caren Curry Cameron is in the process of captioning each photo. You will be notified when this is completed.

Go to Jeff’s Webpage- click here and follow Jeff’s instructions

1. Once you go to my website you have to go to “join now” and enter your e-mail and create a your password. [NOTE: You have to JOIN to view pictures. This is so it will be easy to order photos, if you like. Jeff will not use your email address for any purpose except to contact you if you order any photos]

2. Go to the top of the page and click on “enter event code” where you will type in the letters “SMHS”. You have to enter the event code in order to see the pictures from your event.

3. There will be an album on the left side with the letters SMHS. Click on that folder and the pictures will load (20 per page). You can enlarge the picture by sliding the “display” bar to the right.  When you see a picture you like, click on that picture.

4.  Once you have selected all the pictures you want to see, go to “order prints.” Ordered prints will come to you without the watermarks, of course.

5. At any point in your order you can click on the shopping cart logo if you want to order different sizes or quantities.

6. Also choose the “auto cropping”.

Any issues getting logged onto web page, contact me (Chris Grady) at info@smhs1963.com. Any issues once on Jeff’s page and you have photos in view, please contact Jeff directly (info on his web page).

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