Reunion Photos- Index

Caren Curry Cameron has made an Index for Jeff Wagner’s photos taken Saturday night at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club. Now it is easy to identify who is in the photo!

She prepared it as a Word document so that you can use the search/find feature of Word to locate photos of people you are interested in.

First, SAVE the Index to your local computer by clicking here. Then open it in Word and determine what picture you want to see by using the search/find feature in Word- you can search for any part of the name. Make note of the picture number in the left column. Then go to Jeff Wagner’s site, register, and bring up ALL thumbnails. When you hover/place your mouse in middle of the thumbnail, you will see that the photo number is displayed. Navigate to photo number that you want, and double-click on it. Wait a few seconds for it to load. It’s that easy! Any issues- contact me at

Caren has given our Class an incredible gift by spending literally hours identifying classmates/spouses in over 200 photos- we now have an easy way to view photos of not only ourselves, but also old friends. If you are so moved please acknowledge Caren by either posting a Comment on the post- or email her at

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3 Responses to Reunion Photos- Index

  1. ELLEN HERLIHY says:

    Thank you, Caren, for the index. I was unable to attend the reunion so the photos and index of names is great. Thanks!

  2. Jane (Nanninga) Fox says:

    Thanks to the reunion committee, John Garrison, the Fykes, and the photographers for their dedication and hard work to make our 50th memorable. I was supposed to attend, but much to my regrets, a bronchial bug hit me in the hotel room and all I could do is cough. I am looking forward to the Memory Book so I can catch up with everyones life. Those were good years with good people.

  3. Ron Walker says:

    Along with my wife Leslie, I was fortunate enough to have been able to attend both of the reunion events, and we had a fabulous time. It was a blast to see my classmates again after all these years, and to learn about their lives. The group planning and organizing the reunion–Pam Bryan, Wendy Hammack Hunter, Caren (“Queenie”) Curry Cameron, and Janet Bruckner Maronde–deserve the gratitude of everyone, as do Dick and Cubby Fyke who graciously hosted the party on Sunday in their lovely home. We’re looking forward to seeing the photos and reading the Memory Book.

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