Future Communications, Missing Email Addresses, Memory Book

Future Communications:  The way to keep up-to-date on your SMHS ’63 Class in the future will be through a combination of email notices and web page postings. The primary source for future news will be YOU, the Classmate.

Please submit any “news” to info@smhs1963.com so it can be posted on the web page. “News” can be anything! We want the web page to be “a happy place”, but we will include notices of classmates who recently passed away (possibly with links to obituaries and/or your memories of the classmate).  As an example, if you are cleaning out your desk and find old SMHS-era photos, please scan and send to info@smhs1963.com.  Or just send anything that is “news worthy!”

Missing Email Addresses: We are still missing email addresses for 127 of our classmates. Take a minute to view the list – click here. If you are in contact with anyone on the list, please encourage them to send an email to info@smhs1963.com with their email information and/or tell them about the www.smhs1963.com web site.

Subject line in e-mail notices:  We will try to use the SUBJECT block to let you know the exact nature of each post notice.  That way you can easily determine your interest in reading the email or visiting the web site.

Memory Book: The Memory Book is being compiled. Those who have purchased a copy will be notified by individual email when it has been shipped- there will also be an email blast sent to the Class.

This will be the last planned email!  Future content is up to YOU; submit anytime.

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