IN MEMORANDUM: Paul Clopper Passes Away

From Craig White:
It saddens me greatly to have to post this, but so many of us loved him. Paul “Clop” Clopper, speech and drama instructor at San Marino High School for many years, Passed away early Sunday morning, August 18. Clop’s wife, Jo, said he had not been doing well for several weeks. He passed out on the floor around 3:00 AM and the paramedics could not revive him.
Jo requested that there please be no phone calls to her with condolences. She says she cannot cry and listen at the same time. Understandable. But if you loved him the way I did, a card, sometime, would not be out of order.
The last address I have for them is:
                    Paul & Jo Clopper
                    2483 Loma Vista
                    Pasadena, CA
Craig White
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