Kindergarten Photos, Memory Book Update, Reunion Dinner Photos


An informal survey was taken at the Reunion Dinner. Over 50% of our 1963 SMHS graduating class completed their entire education within the San Marino School system- starting with kindergarten. The Committee has acquired the four kindergarten class photos: Valentine, Stoneman, and Carver (2 classes). Nearly all classmates in each photo have been tentatively identified. We need your help to verify that you are correctly identified- and to discover who the unidentified classmates are. Please click here to view class photos- then to find your class photo. First, verify that you are correctly identified and then help identify any unknown classmates. If you are correctly identified, there is nothing for you to do. If you are incorrectly labeled or if you can help with other IDs, please email to


The Memory Book is in its final formatting and printing status. If all goes as planned, the Committee will meet mid-October to insert the pages and dividers into the binders. Binders will be mailed immediately after that. We will send an email blast when the Memory Book is in the mail.


Jeff Wagner, the photographer hired to take photos at the Reunion Dinner, has reported that some classmates have had difficulty accessing and ordering his photos. He has asked that the instructions be reposted.

First, go to my website to view the San Marino High 50th Reunion: Online Digital Photo Printing, Photo Cards, Photo Books, and Photo Gifts | Jeff Wagner Photo

Then, follow these directions in order to view and order pictures:

1. Once you go to my website you have to go to “join now” and enter your e-mail and create a password.

2. Now go to the top of the page and click on “enter event code” where you will type in the letters “SMHS”. You have to enter the event code in order to see the pictures from your event.

3. There will be an album on the left side with the letters SMHS. Click on that folder and the pictures will load (20 per page). You can enlarge the picture by sliding the “display” bar to the right.  When you see a picture you like, click on that picture.

4.  Once you have selected all the pictures you want to see, go to “order prints”

5. At any point in your order you can click on the shopping cart logo if you want to order different sizes or quantities.

6. Also choose the “auto cropping”.

Let me know if you need any help. Good luck, Jeff Wagner

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