Karen Jacobi Wilson’s memories of growing up in San Marino

Karen Jacobi Wilson’s memories of growing up in San Marino were inadvertently omitted from the Memory Book. Her comments are so right on- print out this post and place in your Memory Book.


Hmmm, San Marino memories: Grad night party with a New York Theme, green stamps and blue chip stamps from junior class to buy gifts for grad party, singing pines girl scout camp, an apple vending machine for snacks at SMHS, cherry bombs in the boys bathroom, gray skirts and blue gym shorts, all girls carrying the same black bag with our initials, granite class of 63 slab on the senior walk (because it would last forever), proms at the Huntington Hotel, Halloween parties at the Huntington Junior High, Tuohys hot fudge sundaes, Bob’s Big Boy and In-and-Out Burger, listening to records in little soundproof booths at the record store, cruising Colorado Street, the Icehouse coffee nightclub with beatnik poetry, slumber parties with friends, summers in Balboa, surfing trips to the beach, P.O.P amusement park. Life was so much simpler back then – I think we were the last generation of the true innocents.

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