Jo Clopper’s Letter

In August, Craig White made a post reporting the passing of SMHS Drama teacher Paul Clopper. There have been 24 comments to this post- many from SMHS classes other than 1963. Wendy Hammack Hunter recently sent Paul’s wife, Jo, a Memory Book. Wendy posted Jo’s thank you under comments at the end of the August post. Since Jo’s message may have been overlooked by visitors to the website, we though we would elevate Jo’s wonderful letter to a full post:

The Class of 1963 recently held its 50 Year Reunion in Newport Beach. The Reunion Committee published a Memory Book, a copy of which was sent to Paul Clopper’s wife, Jo . We had received so many comments from 1963 classmates about Clop and wanted Jo to have a copy. The following is her response:

“Dear Wendy,

Thank you so very much for sending your beautiful book of memories. I’m sorry Buz passed before he had a chance to go through the book – I know he would have really enjoyed it. I have quickly looked through it and will reach each kid’s summary next. Other than Chuck Ludlam, I think the only kid we have stayed in contact with is Craig White. He sent us a copy of his book and we both enjoyed reading that.

Buz dearly loved all you kids. He always said he had such great kids and they always made him look good. I’m so glad you mentioned you were Mother Burnside [in Auntie Mame]. I wouldn’t have remembered that and I know I saw you – every performance and some rehearsals, too. I loved the show and you, too, although I don’t know how such a darling girl could play such a character!

Thanks to you and your committee and all the class of 1963.

With love, Jo”

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