SHMS Teacher John Ryan- and Classmate Andy Leaf

Greetings, SMHS classmates. It has been over a year since our 50th Reunion party. Time to reestablish contact- and we want to encourage everyone to submit any news to this Blog that would be of interest to our classmates. Just send an email to We have had two recent submissions that may be of interest to you.



John Ryan

The following letter was received by Wendy Hunter after our class sent John Ryan, our revered SMHS English teacher, a copy of our 1963 Reunion Memory Book:

Dear Classmates:

What a superior and thoughtful book to read, re-read, and read some more from day to day! Thank you, Wendy, and thanks to your whole splendid class. Splendid, all of you, San Marino High School, Class of 1963. I mean each word of this, each syllable. My heart and my memory are full of you super-splendid and Lovable People.

Sincerely truthful and sincerely grateful for your memory of me . . . your grand and wonderful memory of me. Every word here is carefully and ardently selected.

Thank you,

John Ryan


Andy Leaf

As most of you know, classmate Andy Leaf had a serve surfing accident in 1964 that left him disabled. Andy has defied odds and is leading a productive life- especially promoting his non-profit organization that provides a variety of disability resources and small business services for people with disabilities.

For those that missed it, Andy joined our 50th reunion celebration last year via video. We posted a tab with a link to video on the class web page- in case you missed it,  be sure to see the short Andy Leaf Video on SMHS memories by  clicking here.

As outlined in the letter below, co-authored by classmates Shannon Cargo Ferguson, Hal Bennett, Wendy Hammack Hunter, Charlie Petit, and Bob Hunt,  Andy is completely dependent upon corporate and individual contributions as well as government aid programs. In recent months,  he has suffered cutbacks from both individuals and corporations- and severe cutbacks in government programs.

Dear Friends,

Update on Andy:  Since some of us spoke with Andy via SKYPE at our 50th reunion, you will be happy to learn Andy’s physical health has steadily improved & mentally he is still sharp as a tack! However, his financial situation has seriously deteriorated. Health care aid has been cut without regard to the fact that Andy is totally dependent on others to care for him physically. His non-profit has suffered due to corporate & individual cut backs.  Please click on “Make a Donation” to read Shannon & Andy’s letters & to have the opportunity to donate. We would be proud to list you as one of “Andy’s Angels” & it would mean the world to him on many levels.

Andy Leaf San Marino High School Graduate Class of 1963

Become one of ‘Andy’s Angels’ today and help him help others!


Your Support is Appreciated

Andy Leaf in his home August 18th 2014

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