Susane Berger, wife of Bob Berger, asked that this letter be shared with Bob’s classmates:

Dear Friends and Family,  There is no greater gift than love of a friend and all of you have been friends of Bob’s for many years.  Especially over the last three years that have offered numerous health challenges, so many of you were the one’s who called, texted, sent bad jokes and kept Bob in the game and with me to celebrate a total of 35 years together.   Today, after a really valiant effort to stay a bit longer, Bob died peacefully with me in his bed and his son, Jon,  by his side, taking breaths naturally and letting the Angels take him away.  The doctors were amazing and let us have the time to help Bob make this journey home, on “Bob terms”.

Now, all of you smile as you think about Bob and that one, two (or ten plus) times that laughter came easily as you shared stories, adventures, horse races or pranks – you have them all.   Little do the heavens know as they’ve  opened their doors to welcome an Angel of extra ordinary quality just what fun they have coming to a cloud near them soon.  While my heart breaks at letting him go, I am thankful for the life we shared and the love that is normally only in the movies, my love story.

Bob will be cremated in 4 days per his instructions, and I am working with the kids on the memorial and celebration of life service.  We don’t have dates locked down yet but will share once we do.

My personal thanks to all of you for your prayers and notes, in this recent week and over the years.  It’s truly a blessing to call you friends.

God bless and hugs,  Susane

NOTE: If anyone knows of a classmate who has passed away since our last class reunion (July 2013), please let Pam Bryan know ( She will contact family members to determine if they would like a SMHS1963 web page notification.

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