SUNDAY, JAN 31: 2 to 6 PM- a Celebration of Andy Leaf’s Life

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Celebration of Andy’s Life, SUNDAY, JAN 31   2:30- 5:30 PM – Please join us! Open to everyone           Neighborhood Congregational Church, 340 St. Anne’s Dr., Laguna Beach 92651

Additional information please contact: Shannon Cargo Ferguson at: shannon@shannonferguson.comJune 13, 1945-Dec. 21st, 2015

Andy passed away peacefully at home in Laguna Beach, surrounded by love, family & friends.

Celebration of Andy’s Life, SUNDAY, JAN 31   2 – 6 PM
Please join us! Open to everyone
Neighborhood Congregational Church, 340 St. Anne’s Dr., Laguna Beach 92651

Additional information please contact:

DONATIONS: You may contribute to Andy’s legacy by donating directly to SEED at this link. Any size donation is greatly appreciated.

A short video that Andy sent for the 2013 Reunion can be viewed by clicking here.

1963 Andy graduated from San Marino High School. Like the rest of us, he was full of hopes & dreams for his future. In 1964, Andy was in his 1st year of college when a body surfing accident rendered him a quadriplegic for life. For the next 51 years, Andy’s true warrior spirit spurred him on as he returned to college receiving a Bachelor’s degree from UC Irvine & a Master’s Degree with honors from Pepperdine in 1980. But that was just the beginning of Andy’s new journey. Andy became one of California’s 1St quadriplegic drivers in a specialty built van. He was an excellent driver, as I witnessed 1st hand, when he drove me to a board meeting for SEED in the late 90’s.

1993: Andy’s true passion in life was helping the disabled. He formed the non-profit organization SEED which was all about educating the disabled community and providing each person with solid business tools. These skills allowed disabled people to work from home by becoming entrepreneurs. The many special people that Andy was able to reach were given a sense of value, renewed self-esteem & a way to supplement their very meager disability income. Andy represented hope, encouragement, friendship & compassion to so many people. Right up until the end, Andy continued as the CEO & guiding light of this organization. Andy would have wanted us to thank all you who so generously contributed to SEED over the years. He was forever grateful to each of you who helped him make a difference.

2001: Andy received a Presidential Citation.

2013: 50th reunion for Andy’s 1963 graduating class of San Marino High School. This reunion was dedicated to Andy & he was honored as “Our Hometown Hero”.

2015: Andy had many, many friends & was highly respected for his courage & his drive to make a difference in other people’s lives. We celebrated his 70th birthday in June & lots of Andy’s longtime friends attended the party at his house. We enjoyed music, great food & entertainment that was arranged by his caregivers. He was up in his wheelchair & enjoyed every minute.

This last September, Andy received a Proclamation from the City of Laguna Beach, for his work with the disabled, which was a wonderful salute to who Andy was. It was a thrilling evening for him. A group of about 10-12 of Andy’s friends showed up to cheer him on!

I saw Andy for the last time, when his brother Bob was at the house, a few days before he passed away. He was still trying to seek medical help to keep him going just a little bit longer. Andy had such a passion for life, plus an iron will commitment to serve others. Andy has left an inspiring legacy & we will truly miss him! From Andy: “Life is full of challenges, what is important, is how you handle what life has presented you!”

Andy is survived by his brother Bob, his sister Yolanda, as well as numerous nieces & nephew.

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