Missing Email Address

We do not have mail addresses for 127 of our classmates. We hope that each of you will take a minute to view the list. If you are in contact with anyone on the list to please contact them and encourage them to send an email to info@smhs1963.com
with their email information- or, at a minimum, let them now about the www.smhs1963.com web site.

UPDATED: August 16, 2013


First Name

Married Name

Abbott Willard
Anderson Robert
Andrews Linda Eckhardt
Arnold Sandra Stevens
Banck Kicki Paine
Barnes Nancy Sampson
Beetley Betty Jo Casey
Beman Richard
Bennett William
Biles Pat
Muellen Marc
Boran Michael
Boyd Ann Delaney
Brady Linda
Braun Nancy Hurtt
Buchanan Heather Bernard
Callister Thomas
Campbell John
Carnes Kim Ellingson
Carson Charles
Champion Donald
Cherrstrom Dr. Corey
Clark Carol Pitsenberger
Coburn Laura Jean Fellabaum
Collett Brent
Cotton Janice Saylor
Crotty Peter
Crowe Deanna
Curtis Frances
Damerel Jacqueline
Daniels Linda George
Darwin Errol
Dawkins Christopher
DeLong Maureen Bailey
Dooley Kathleen Thomas
Doovas William
Duttenhofer David
Ramirez Val
Gessner Diana Dawson
Gibbs Nancy Richard
Graham Alan
Greene Roger
Griswold James
Guerrieri Marilyn Egan
Hamblin Eugene
Hartley Thomas
Henrickson Susan Blanchard
Hilleger Margery De Lopez
Hoffman Frank
Holt Carol Kershner
Holtermann Dianne Cherry
Jolly Nancy
Kacirek Suzanne De Lord
Kaplan Denis
Kenmir Jane Deyo
Knight Carol Miner
Lillie James
Little Benjamin
Ludwig Dell
Lyngheim Linda Skipper
Maurer Scott
McGough Kathleen Powell
McLaughlin Michael
McNabb James
McPherson Dr. David
Merideth Grant
Miller Lynda Ellerbroek
Mittler Ginger Aldrete
Moir Brian
Moran George
Morrisroe Ann Shenkin
Murphy Nancy Harrison
Nelson Christopher
Nibecker Lynne Lasater
Osorio Soledad
Oxspring Carole Kolb
Parshall Pamela
Parsons Julie Cole
Paszyc Margaret Martinez
Patten James
Peterson Robert
Pierce Marcia Neville
Pollock Gerald
Radzat Darlene Marovish
Read Maribeth Gus
Reeves Ron
Renzetti Cassandra Cano
Roulac Stephen
Sadler Daniel
Saunders Deborah Shoemaker
Say Rev. William
Scott Jonathan
Seyster J. Gary
Sharpe Tina
Sheets Elizabeth Converse
Shelden Geoffrey
Shelton Janet Minton
Sherrer Ellen Francaviglia
Siegel Richard
Simkins Charles
Smart Rick
Smith Ryland
Smith Stephen
Sprague Richard
Strong Alexander
Tarlton Judy Ostrander
Thomason William
Thompson Tom
Toland Tim
Trankla Joanne Harrison
Travis Joan
Troost Marion Dallas
Turnage Jo Mary Murphy
Vallone Kenneth
Waite Leslie
Wallace Bruce
Williams Alan
Williams Malcolm
Wilson Christine
Wilson Stanley
Winston Peggy
Wolf Robert
Wood Robert
Woolridge Jeffrey
Wrenn Josephine Cousino
Young Kathleen Strader

3 Responses to Missing Email Address

  1. Brian Moir says:

    Sorry to have missed our 50th reunion. We were hosting a family reunion/85th birthday celebration for my mother-in-law here in VA. Best to everyone.

    • Ron Walker says:

      Hi, Brian. Sorry to have missed you at the reunion, but I understand completely about “prior obligations.” Hope all is well with you.

      Best regards,

      Ron Walker

  2. David Minning says:

    I missed the reunion at NHYC due to last minute conflict at Cal Club. Mistake for me. more fun at the reunion. I did get to see and talk with many interesting friends from the past at Dick and Cubbys. I would very much enjoy more time with all of you. I still live in San Marino and invite any one or more of you to spend some time with me and Diane. If interested, call me at 626-437-3896
    See yu soon

    Dave minning

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